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Colburn's Pest Control Service Inc

Picture of the company mascot. A grasshopper with a top hat named claude.

Colburn's Pest Control Service Inc


Pest Control


Our company uses exclusion techniques that will ensure the eradication of rodents and wildlife and prevent them from coming back with a guarantee! We Service all kinds of families that do not want to deal with any bugs and ensure the bugs are killed before they get into your home and also prevent any "stow-a-ways" that may get inside from becoming an issue. 

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Additional Info

We have a world class rodent program that is one of teh best in the Houston area! We also have amazing general pest and termite services to ensure your home is bug free!

Business Hours : M-F 9:00a-6:00p


Colburn's Pest Control's logo. A green grasshopper with a top hat, red tail coat and cane leaning against the company's name
A Colburn's Pest Control Technician spraying a large business yard for mosquitos
Colburn's Pest Control Technicians (one in a bee suit) teaching kids about exterminating at a school career day
A female Technician with Colburn's Pest Control treating the inside of a home for general bugs
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